Due Diligence with Form ADV

Form ADV is an SEC filing which all companies managing AUM in excess of $25M need to file annually. Often regarded as one of the most important public disclosures, this form summarises a firm’s business, its ecosystem of clients and products and services.


Is the Economy Recovering ? Quarter 1 '2021 Trend Report

The US GDP has started showing signs of recovery with a 6.4% growth in Q1’2021. Economists now expect the economy to grow at the pace of 10% (CNBC) in Q2 of 2021, as a result of vaccinations against COVID-19 and consumption optimism.

Q1 2021 saw a boost in personal income by 21% as personal...


Analyze Fund Holdings using Form NPORT on RADiENT

Introduced along with Form NCEN, Form NPORT is filed by registered management investment companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) organized as Unit Investment Trusts.

The SEC introduced Form NPORT to modernize and enhance the quality of information available to users. This form records a...


Exploring Fund Flows using Form N-PORT

 Mutual Funds and ETFs attracted inflows of ~$156B in March 2021.  Morningstar reported that major investor preference remains for passively managed funds. Passively traded ETFs raked in $98B, while open-end mutual funds attracted $59B.

The markets' preference for passive funds was more...


Leverage form NCEN to explore Interfund Lending

Introduced in 2016, Form N-CEN is an annual filing that focuses on providing census type information and an overview of an entire fund complex - funds, strategies, associated service providers, turnover rates, etc.


Vanguard v/s BlackRock- What do their NCEN Filings reveal?

Vanguard and BlackRock are two of the largest fund and ETF houses. With AUM of over $1.5T each, both the fund houses closely track market indices, provide diversified asset exposure, and employ a host of passive investment strategies, which allow the funds to have some of the lowest expense...


Morningstar Data on RADiENT!

We are excited to announce that RADiENT has entered into a partnership with Morningstar, a global investment research platform and a comprehensive data provider. Our partnership aims to make manager research simple and more effective, by combining Morningstar’s universe of high quality fund data...


New Regulations for Family Offices?

The SEC requires all institutional investment managers with at least $100 million in AUM to file Form 13F every quarter. This form records important portfolio metrics such as AUM, holdings with instrument and issuer details, the fair market value of securities, and number of shares owned.



What is Form N-CEN, and how does it differ from N-SAR?

In 2016, the SEC, introduced Form N-CEN, replacing Form N-SAR. Form N-SAR was previously used to disclose information about portfolio holdings and fund operations semi-annually.


r/WallStreetBets - Finding the hedge funds that hold trending stocks

We’re all familiar with r/wallstreetbets and Gamestop(GME)- redditors traded an unbelievable short squeeze on a hedge fund, which resulted in GME rising 4.5X in 2 days. But while short-sellers Melvin Capital and Maplelane are in the news, regulatory filings such as the 13F are a reliable source...