Exchange Data International (EDI) and Radient AI Announce Strategic Data Partnership

March 13, 2024

Exchange Data International (EDI), the global leader in redistribution of pricing and reference data, and Radient AI, the leading fund intelligence platform, powered by artificial intelligence, announced a comprehensive data partnership. This collaboration sees EDI’s extensive corporate actions and dividend data seamlessly integrated into Radient AI’s platform, alongside mutual fund, ETF, and equities data from major markets worldwide.

This strategic alliance empowers financial institutions and asset managers with unparalleled access to critical corporate action information. By incorporating EDI’s data, Radient AI equips its users with invaluable insights for evaluating funds and calculating performance metrics with precision.

The ability to compare and track US funds with international mutual funds, ETFs, and hedge funds is groundbreaking and will allow Radient AI’s customers to manage international portfolios with ease.

Jonathan Bloch, CEO of EDI, remarked: "We are thrilled to join forces with Radient AI. Our shared commitment to innovating and reshaping financial services make this partnership immensely synergistic. Radient's utilization of AI to simplify fund intelligence for investors aligns seamlessly with our mission."

Sanjay Bharwani, Founder & CEO of Radient AI, emphasized the significance of integrating EDI’s corporate action data: "This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards simplifying investment decisions on a single platform with AI. By incorporating EDI’s corporate actions and dividends across major markets, we enable our users to effortlessly compare holistic fund performance, granular attribution, and cashflows."

Exchange Data International (EDI), is a global leader in the redistribution of corporate actions, pricing, and reference data. Trusted by institutions and financial service firms worldwide, EDI delivers quality data from across the globe with a flexible approach tailored to support its customers' growth.

Radient AI, is recognized as the premier "Single platform for fund intelligence across hedge funds, mutual funds, and ETFs", redefined fund investment research through its AI-driven approach. The platform empowers users with a comprehensive suite of tools for investment analysis, market intelligence, and regulatory insights, facilitating well-informed investment decisions.

The seamless integration of EDI’s corporate action and dividend data onto Radient AI's platform heralds a new era of streamlined performance assessment for the investment community. Both companies anticipate that this collaboration will eliminate friction, save investors valuable time, and enhance transparency across the investment landscape.

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This is a significant milestone in our journey towards simplifying investment decisions on a single platform with AI. EDI’s corporate actions and dividends, enable the effortless comparison of holistic fund performance, granular attribution, and cashflows.

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