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October 26, 2023

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Clarity AI and Radient AI have announced a strategic partnership where Clarity AI's sustainability data will seamlessly integrate into Radient AI’s leading fund intelligence platform.

Through this partnership, Clarity AI’s sustainability data, metrics, and analytics will become an integral component of Radient AI's platform, offering financial institutions and asset managers in-depth perspectives on sustainable investment opportunities. Clarity AI is now the preferred partner of Radient AI for sustainability data across funds and securities. Specifically, the addition of Clarity's AI’s metrics to seamlessly identify and monitor funds for Radient AI users to build sustainable portfolios with ease. 

Sanjay Bharwani, Founder & CEO of Radient AI, expressed his passion for sustainable investing: "Our mission has always been to simplify and enhance investment decisions. By integrating Clarity AI's comprehensive sustainability data, we are offering our users a chance to build more socially impactful investment decisions, and easily share that with all their stakeholders. This partnership signifies our commitment to sustainable investing and core to our vision for the future of investment management."

David Silver, Global Head of Solutions at Clarity AI, remarked: "We are thrilled to be a part of Radient AI's platform and further our mission of bringing societal impact to markets. Our shared values and our commitment to innovation to reshape sustainable investment management through AI make this partnership incredibly synergistic. Together, we are delivering best-in-class capabilities that will empower users to invest more sustainably."

Radient AI, recognized as the leading "Single platform for fund intelligence across hedge funds, mutual funds, and ETFs", has revolutionized fund investing decision-making by applying artificial intelligence. The platform offers users a holistic approach to investment analysis, market intelligence, and regulatory data, enabling effective and informed investment decisions.

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Clarity AI, the leading sustainability tech company, plays a pivotal role in shaping sustainable investing, reporting, and shopping through AI-powered capabilities tailored to the users’ specific needs. The platform stands out for its extensive data coverage, advanced tech building blocks for diverse sustainability use cases across risk, impact, climate, and regulatory compliance, and adaptability to the evolving technological and sustainability landscape.

The fusion of Clarity AI's sustainability data into Radient AI's platform promises a transformative impact on the investment community. Both companies anticipate this collaboration to set new industry standards and push the global investment industry toward sustainable investing. 


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