Greenland Capital Management LP's AUM grew 17% to $1.17 Billion

May 25, 2023
Greenland Capital Management LP, an investment advisory firm based in New York Owned predominantly by Michael Englander, the firm offers proficient investment advisory services to 3 private pooled investment vehicles: Greenland Offshore Fund LTD., Greenland Onshore Fund, LP, and Greenland Master Fund LP.
Over the past year from March 2022 to April 2023, Greenland has experienced changes as disclosed in their most recent form adv filing, exhibiting a sustained growth trend across its operations.
One of the highlights of this period is the retention of 3 accounts managed by the firm.
Greenland Capital Management has also expanded its team, adding five more members to increase the employee count from 34 to 39.
Moreover, a key indicator of the firm’s growth has been the increase in its Regulatory Assets under Management (AUM). In just over a year, the total Reg. AUM has grown from $1 billion to $1.173 billion, representing an increase of 17.37%.
Additional information:
Michael J. Englander is the predominant stakeholder of Greenland Capital Management LP, holding over 75% ownership both directly as the CEO and Limited Partner and indirectly as the Managing Member. Other key figures of the firm, including Morton Wendell Edward (CFO), Nan Xiao (CTO), and Max V. Haller (CCO), each hold less than 5% ownership in their respective roles.

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