Largest Hedge Fund Launches of 2023

December 27, 2023


Radient looks at some of the largest new fund launches and capital-raising activities by hedge funds for the last 1 year.

Radient extracts new fund launches and capital raising data from Form D. Form D, also known as the Notice of Sale of Securities, is required by the SEC for companies selling securities in a Regulation (Reg) D exemption or with Section 4(6) exemption provisions. Form D is a brief notice that includes basic information about the company and the offering, such as the names and addresses of the company’s executive officers, the size of the offering, and the date of first sale.

Name of the Fund Total Amount Sold 
Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund LLC


King Street Capital Ltd $25.8B
LOWE Equity Partners LLC


Global Funds SPC- Emerging Market Select Bond SP $21.9B
Citadel Kensington Global Strategies Fund Ltd $21.9B
Medallion Fund LP $21.7B
DE Shaw Composite International Fund $20.9B
Canyon Value Realization Fund (Cayman) Ltd $18.8B
Renaissance Institutional Diversified Alpha Fund LLC


Millennium USA LP  $17.7B


With Radient, users can set several filters to search for specific fund launches,  eg on date of filing, type of fund, total amount sold, state/ country, Firm AUM and more.

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