Form D: Tracking Third Point LLC's capital raising activities

March 21, 2024

Third Point LLC


Daniel Loeb managed Third Point LLC’s fund- Third Point Partners Qualified LP raised capital for the 16Th time in March 2024.

As per the latest Form D filing, the hedge fund has raised a total of $11.8B.

Total number of investors: 4,692

Type of securities offered: Equity, Pooled Investment Fund

Date of first sale: 1 Jan 2005


More on Third Point LLC

Established in 1995, the firm currently manages AUM of $17.9B.

The firm has a total of 19 clients.

Third Point provides discretionary investment advisory services to various domestic and offshore private investment vehicles, including hedge funds, a private real estate fund, and private equity-style funds. Their primary strategy is an event-driven, value-oriented strategy that spans across a broad range of industries, geographies, and asset classes. 

The firm manages 10 private funds – 3 private equity funds and 7 hedge funds.

Radient data shows that the firm has raised capital multiple times for its funds. Track all fundraising activities, here


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