Morningstar Data on RADiENT!

May 6, 2021

We are excited to announce that RADiENT has entered into a partnership with Morningstar, a global investment research platform and a comprehensive data provider. Our partnership aims to make manager research simple and more effective, by combining Morningstar’s universe of high quality fund data and ratings with RADiENT’s next generation fund screening, risk analysis and portfolio features.

Morningstar data is integrated with RADiENT information from regulatory filings such as 13F, Form ADV, NCEN and NPORT, so that investors can carry out end-to-end due diligence, with all the nitty-gritty details on manager history, fund performance and risk disclosures in a single place.

Further, RADiENT’s fund similarity algorithms, risk-based factor investing and scenario analysis models can now be used with Morningstar data, and overlaid with additional variables such as warning flags from regulatory filings, changes in investment style and other related data that could affect the performance of funds (eg: a sudden switch in the manager).

Morningstar data will be updated daily on the RADiENT platform, just as we update public security data and information extracted from other various regulatory forms and schedules.

To understand RADiENT’s risk tools, simply sign up and explore the Screener, Securities and Portfolio tabs. If you are interested in subscribing to Morningstar on RADiENT kindly get in touch with us on or call us on +1 (212) 726 2388.


About the Author

Jasmeet Sodhi

Jasmeet is an avid researcher and heads growth and marketing strategy development for RADiENT. Jasmeet previously interned at multiple startups where she developed a passion for marketing and content. She holds a Master’s in economics and international affairs from SOAS, University of London and a Bachelors in Economics from Ashoka University. In her free time, Jasmeet enjoys running and reading.

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