Introducing the SEC Filings Explorer!

October 31, 2019

At RADiENT Analytics, our vision of making intelligence from regulatory filings accessible to everyone has driven our developments of the 13F Explorer and the Form ADV Explorer which offer deep insights into firm holdings, background and industry trends, and continued building on these by adding Forms 13D/G (acquisition information), D (offerings of securities), DEF 14C (information statements) and 424B2 (securities offering prospectus). The next step in our goal of offering you the best regulatory analytics platform has been the development of the SEC Filings Explorer which can be accessed here.

Explore SEC Filings

The SEC Filings Explorer offers a rapid and intuitive alternative to pinpoint regulatory filings by allowing you to search filings based on filer or filing type. For example, finding all form 4 filings by filers called 'Goldman Sachs' is as simple as entering two search criteria.


Setup Notifications

If you need to stay apprised of the latest filings from particular firms, or track industry trends, RADiENT now allows you to set up daily notifications for your selected filter sets. For example, users can track all future Form 4 filings by Goldman Sachs by saving the search, which would automatically set up a daily email alert notifying them of new filings.


Analyze Forms

But the RADiENT SEC Filings Explorer aims to go above and beyond merely listing the filings! We also incorporate form-specific explorers which allow users to filter filings based on various form-specific criteria, like the Form D Explorer. Filtering out Form D filings on the SEC Filings Explorer expands the functionality of the tool to allow users to filter Form D filings based on criteria like industry, type of fund, amounts raised etc.


This view integrates seamlessly into the Form D explorer, allowing you to instantly analyze Form D filings for the firm, and export historical data.


Does the SEC Filings Explorer interest you? We would love to hear from you about possible use cases as we expand the tool to include filings like Forms N-CEN (fund background and classification) and N-PORT (monthly portfolio holdings). Sign up for free or simply visit RADiENT to try these tools now! 

About the Author

Yash Mehta

Yash loves all things tech and leads the Regulatory Analytics effort at RADiENT. He is particularly interested in applied mathematics and it's application in finance. He has previously worked at the Clearing Corporation of India where he developed risk management systems for the launch of interest rate swaps clearing as well as development of risk models and portfolio compression. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Jacobs University, Bremen and is a CFA Charterholder. Yash enjoys reading and is a Manchester United fan.

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