Datasets on Snowflake : Fixed Income Holdings from N-PORT Filings

September 27, 2021

RADiENT released its maiden fixed income dataset on Snowflake.

Besides complete portfolio information, this dataset also contains details on performance, fund flows, and realized and unrealized gains.

RADiENT x Snowflake

The dataset on Snowflake is structured from Form N-PORT filings, which are filed with the SEC quarterly by registered management investment companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Data Features

  • Historical holdings details
  • Over 3000+ fixed income and alternative funds since 2019
  • Updated daily
  • Can be easily integrated with enterprise platforms to research crowded trades, fund flows, manager styles and performance.
  • Can also be easily integrated with other RADiENT regulatory datasets from filings of Form ADV, 13F, 13D, 13G and N-CENs.
  • Ready-to-Query data

Sample of Insights that can be derived from the dataset

  • Track the monthly and quarterly returns disclosed in the filings
  • The proportion of equity as a percentage of total assets, held by the fund
  • Total market value of all assets held
  • Inflows and outflows to/from the fund, within the quarter
  • Calculated proportions across all asset categories
  • Analyze important risk measures such as - exposure to illiquid securities and derivatives, low cash allocation, increased redemptions etc

How can you access RADiENT data on Snowflake?

This dataset is a personalized listing i.e. to access this dataset, consumers must submit a request by clicking the Request button, and provide their contact information. Alternatively, reach out to us and we will enable access to the listing on Snowflake.


To know more about RADiENT's listing on Snowflake reach out to us at

About the Author

Jasmeet Sodhi

Jasmeet is an avid researcher and heads growth and marketing strategy development for RADiENT. Jasmeet previously interned at multiple startups where she developed a passion for marketing and content. She holds a Master’s in economics and international affairs from SOAS, University of London and a Bachelors in Economics from Ashoka University. In her free time, Jasmeet enjoys running and reading.

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