Deftly VC invests in RADiENT

October 11, 2022

We at RADiENT are thrilled to announce an investment from! is an early-stage focused, collaborative fund that is backed by founders for founders. Investors in include founders who have built, and successfully sold their own startups. combines its fund’s active approach with the community’s collection of intelligence, experiences, and industry relationships to drive value for its partner companies. on why they invested in RADiENT?

“It (RADiENT) aligns with our view on the ‘efficiency economy’…. The investment management industry has a technology and data problem. Investments are hard to compare across different types; try comparing mutual funds, ETFs, and hedge funds. Existing solutions only work if the users know what they are looking for and they generally lack critical information from sources such as regulatory filings, news, and social media. RADiENT’s Risk AI methodologies scan the entire market for opportunities and threats and discover insights and alerts from structured and unstructured sources to give investors a holistic picture of their investments. Sanjay’s vision for RADiENT is to become the foundational technology platform that propels investment management to reinvent itself…. The company is off to a good start: 30,000 users from 250 financial firms engage monthly with RADiENT, and the company counts Morningstar, Moodys, Fitch, AWS and Snowflake as data and technology partners.”

To know more about RADiENT reach out to us at 

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Jasmeet Sodhi

Jasmeet is an avid researcher and heads growth and marketing strategy development for RADiENT. Jasmeet previously interned at multiple startups where she developed a passion for marketing and content. She holds a Master’s in economics and international affairs from SOAS, University of London and a Bachelors in Economics from Ashoka University. In her free time, Jasmeet enjoys running and reading.

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